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11/23/2017 12:00 PM
NCI director on the A-list
According to CRN, senior directors were asked a mix of serious and light-hearted questions about themselves including, if you could invite three famous people to dinner who would they be? Trish replied that he would like to especially invite Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing.
11/23/2017 09:56 AM
What is the Turing Test?
The Turing Test is where artificial intelligence (AI) tests its humanity. Devised by computing pioneer Alan Turing in 1950, the test has been a benchmark that has defined AI for decades. Today, it is coming under renewed focus as computers become smarter and faster. What is the Turing Test? The media ...
11/23/2017 04:07 AM
Mary answers your problems: The tactful way to get rid of a drunk guest
I had not said a word about my mother but the guest then started boasting that her mother had been in the most important hut with Alan Turing et al.
11/22/2017 08:37 PM
Richard Lewinski: The man behind the ENIGMA model
Stewart Menzies, deputy chief of MI-6; Alfred Dilwyn Knox, England's leading cryptanalyst and Alan Turing, the inventor of the ULTRA machine. Turing was Einstein's student and the mad genius of Bletchley Park, whose single-minded obsession with building the code-breaking “computing machine” was ...